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What’s Our Story?

Alternative Medicine Radio is a small online radio station that focuses on providing our listeners with access to a wide variety of Alternative rock. We want to give an all around listening experience from songs you know, to songs you don't know to songs you have just forgotten about. So give us a shot and check us out, let us know what you think!

On The Air

What We Play

We love alternative rock and we know you do too! That's why we try to give you the best blend of alternative possible. Mixing classic, new and underground alternative to give you a listening experience unlike any other.


Classic alternative hits from all the artists you know and love, rock out to the best alt. anthems of all time.



New alternative that is rising up the charts, from fresh acts as well as the artists you already know.

(up &coming)

New alternative that we think is great but isn't quite burning up the charts yet, let's change that!


Forgotten alternative tracks that we all loved in the 90s, but some how have gotten lost in the shuffle in today's radio mixes. Well, not here, we enjoy dusting these ones off and rolling them out like new.


The unsigned,unknown and unheard,until now!